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This is us...

CX7 Champion is a thrilling new concept that organises outdoor pursuits aimed at igniting the senses and rejuvenating the soul. Centred around 7 adventures, we create unique themed events that synergise fun and fitness, bringing you on an exciting journey of exploration and personal discovery. Challenge and Xperience the 7 adventures to becoming a CX7 Champion.

What we stand for...

Our vision is to build an environment where people can come together and push their mental and physical strength in realising more of their potential. We aim to create a new benchmark of fun, fitness and real adventure set in beautiful locations throughout South East Asia and beyond by creating events that leave each participant with new life experiences, friendships and unforgettable memories.

The Organisers...

Vytenis Benetis: Vytenis has competed for 5 years with many U.S.A.’s premiere adventure racing teams such as Team Salomon USA, team Earthlink, team REVO, team The North Face/Discovery and has won or placed in the top place in many of the adventure races worldwide. Following intense racing career in the US, he has returned to his home in Europe, where he has co-founded the biggest adventure race in the World - Vilnius Challenge. His passion for adventure racing and experience in managing large-scale incredible events continues now in SE Asia.

Irma Barzdaite: Irma is an accredited Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist who has helped hundreds of people realise their health and fitness goals for over 7 years. She has exclusively developed the unique, scientifically based ‘LIFE SYSTEM’ which tailors health programmes towards the individual’s goals and lifestyle while getting above industry standard results. Irma brings with her an immense experience in the health and fitness industry and a passion for people to push through their mental and physical limitations.

Our first race...

We are excited to announce our first event, the CX7 Adventure Race, which will take in a beautiful setting in Thailand in early 2016. From it’s international success in Europe, this incredible event is the ultimate mind and body sport that is run in teams of 2 or more.

Each team will set out on the course to tackle the various challenges they encounter along the way. The course is designed to embrace the perfect combination of fun, fitness and adventure leaving you with an amazing lifetime experience!

The Course...

The concept is simple, you must navigate through the terrain using a map which outlines where the various challenges are located. The course is unmarked so it is up to you and your team partner to figure out the best route in getting to each checkpoint in the quickest amount of time to complete the disciplines under the CX7 themes.

Your time and distance will be recorded using a special digital bracelet, which you will swipe, at each successive checkpoint once you successfully completed the challenge. Your achievements will be recorded and presented to you at the end of the race. The race is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically through the medium of fun and adventure.


7 adventures have been created under the themes of Earth, Motion, Water, Strength, Courage, Mental and Endurance each with multi-disciplinary activities to challenge you as you battle it out with fellow competitors to the finish line.

Some of the activities are outlined below:

Earth : Trail Running, Jogging, Hiking

Motion : Cycling

Water : Kayaking, Paddling, Swimming, Snorkelling

Strength : Climbing, Rope Activities

Courage : Vertical Jump, Mystery Box, Zip Line

Mental : Puzzles, Mind Games, Surprise Course Elements

Endurance : Plank, Skipping

* The activities above may not necessarily all be included in the event. They act only as an example of the race disciplines.

Each course is unique and only on the race day will the full details be released. The very nature of adventure racing is discovery and exploration so the course is designed in such a way that each team will charter their own route against the clock.


The race is run in teams of 2 people and is the ultimate mind and body challenge. Different teams can navigate the course together so it gives the opportunity to run the course with larger groups. Primary categories are split between Men, Women and Mixed.

For people wishing to run the CX7 Adventure Race but do not have a team partner, then CX7 Champion will assist as best we can to match you up with a suitable team partner to run the race together.

Award Ceremony...

We have exciting awards and fantastic prizes to give out under the team categories outlined above which include cash prizes, luxury hotel get-aways, yearly gym memberships and many more to be disclosed later.


Our courses are designed very carefully, adhering to the most stringent of healthy and safety standards for each participant’s well being.

Connect with us...

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CX7 Adventure Race

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Are You Ready?

From it’s internaitonal success, we are excited to bring you our first event in Thailand in early 2016.

Details of the the CX7 Adventure Race coming soon so be sure to subcribe below.